California Times Photo. White House Marine One Helicopter

It was a wet weekend. I stayed in for most of it. Watched a lot of news. I usually try to turn it off on Saturday and Sunday. Just need a break from it all.

This was one of those weekends that I couldn’t turn away.

It was all Trump all the time. The president has Coronavirus. After being taken to Walter Reed Medical Center on Friday, the question became just how sick is he?

Well, it turns out it depends on who you hear.

The president’s physician seemed to play things down. However, his chief-of-staff painted a much less rosy picture.

Who else got Covid-19 in the president’s orbit? Where did they all get it? There’s no shortage of speculation.

That’s the way the news played it all weekend. The cable channels went nuts. “How sick is he?” That was the question. There was much confusion.

As the days wore on, we started getting a clearer picture of things. The president posted a video. He looked good. He was talking. Comforting to see.

By Sunday, everyone seemed to be getting on the same page. Yes, he had been on oxygen. Yes, he was getting extensive treatment. But…he was improving.

Another video of the president. Looking good. The talk was that he could be leaving the hospital to return to the White House sooner than later.

Then by the end of the day, President Trump was doing a “drive by” outside Walter Reed. Wearing a mask and waving to supporters.

Like I said, it was a weekend. Wet outside.

The news never ended. It never does.

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