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I feel like the train has left the station and there is no stopping it now.

I’m talking about getting to November.

In a year like no other, time presses on. I think I stopped looking at the calendar in March. It just didn’t feel necessary. Now, I’m waking up and 2020 is almost done.

One thing’s for sure. We have to get through November. November third, specifically.

Election Day.

I still believe this momentous event can and will be done without too much question. With that said, it’s not going to be easy getting there.

In the middle of the election season, we are hearing from a Supreme Court Justice nominee. Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

While I’m sure I don’t agree with some of Judge Barrett’s personal beliefs, I’m impressed with how she is handling herself. The exchange, so far, civil and respectful with the senators.

I do think she will make it through this process. I also think that she will make it all the way through to the High Court. Who would have thought that Donald Trump would appoint three people to the Supreme Court?

Whether he wins or loses, that will be his lasting legacy. “The Trump Court.”

I hate to predict where I think this presidential race is going. I know where it looks like it is going, but I’m not sure the cake is baked. Not yet.

The polls are looking like a Joe Biden victory. As I write this, the Real Clear Politics polling average has Biden up ten points over Trump. Up five in the battleground states. But…as fast as November 3 is coming, a lot can happen between now and then.

On to much more pleasant topics now.

Can you believe the Tampa Bay Rays? I mean, they could really do it this year! So far, our local teams have impressed in a tough year. The Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup. The Rays could make it to the World Series. The Bucs really might make it all the way, too. I hate to get ahead of myself here and screw this up, but it’s a possibility. All three teams. Can you believe it?!

We are rolling to November alright. Then, the holidays and the end of the year around the corner. Honestly, I can’t wait to put 2020 in my rearview mirror.

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