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Former President Donald Trump has to be breathing a sigh of relief today. Nearly all GOP senators voted against having an impeachment trial. All but five. It would take 17 Republican votes and all the Democrats to convict.

The Washington Post is reporting that it appears now that Trump’s impeachment trial will end with an acquittal that he incited the January 6 Capitol riot.

I get it. I see both sides of this. Is it constitutional to try and impeach a former president? Maybe. Maybe not.

The Democrats say Trump must be held accountable for the Capitol riot.

My question now is what will it accomplish? Again, I get it. But do we want to put the country through it?

Florida Senator Marco Rubio said this on Fox News: “This is a country that’s already deeply divided. Politics has become very emotional. People literally hate each other in this country over politics. And now on top of that fire, we’re going to pour all of this gasoline and really get it going hotter … It’s all about the left’s demand for revenge.”

Not sure it’s about “revenge,” but I do see his point. And how much would an impeachment trial distract from Joe Biden’s agenda?

Biden’s presidential honeymoon didn’t last long, did it?

President Biden’s agenda is hitting roadblocks from all directions:

The Covid stimulus relief package. Is it too much money for too many people?

The environment. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that President Biden is working to reverse many Trump-era policies. Will that be enough to address the left’s big ideas on climate change? Will Biden’s administration play ball? I predict this will be the big issue that divides the Democratic Party over the next few years.

Something a bit less serious… Derek Jeter’s house on Davis Islands in Tampa. Listed at $29 million. The trouble is, it’s rented. To Tom Brady. There’s a great piece in the Tampa Bay Times with my friend/realtor, Stephen Gay.

In it, he talks about trying to sell the most famous house in Tampa Bay, working around the Brady’s schedule for showings and determining if a potential buyer is legit or just a fan wanting to see that house.

Stephen says they are vetting potential buyers. “Ultimately, people have to give us proof of funds that’s verifiable. A lot of people say, ‘I’m not really ready to give you my proof of funds yet.’ And those are the people that usually end up not being legitimate. Because if you’ve got the money, you’re used to a request like that and have someone that can easily provide the information to us.”

Seven bedrooms. Eight full baths. Eight half baths. A movie theatre. A six car garage. Who wouldn’t want to see all that??!!

Oh, and a G.O.A.T. too. The Greatest Of All Time. A glimpse of the Tom Brady. It’s not likely to happen, but I can’t blame someone for trying.

I’d like to try. Pretty sure I’ll not get through Stephen’s vetting, though. He is my friend, after all!

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