Tom Brady Boat Parade

The weekend. I’m referring to the actual end of the week. Not the Super Bowl half time performer. The Weeknd. (Just learned how to spell it, by the way.) I’m still trying to digest his performance. It was a lot. I think I liked it. Admired his talent, for sure.

Okay, the weekend. It’s here. I don’t think I have ever needed one more than now. It’s been a glorious couple of weeks around Tampa. Hosting the Super Bowl. Winning the Super Bowl. Celebrating the Super Bowl win. Glorious.

Can we talk about that parade for a minute? In my last blog, I talked about how I thought having the parade on Wednesday would cut back on the crowds. Wrong. Did you see it? Tampa Bay folks were ready to party and celebrate their Buccaneers!

Gronk delivered. I won the bet. He went shirtless.

Tom. Wow. No one enjoyed the day more than Tom Brady. The tossing of the Lombardi Trophy to Cameron Brate in another boat.

Sports Center has the toss from both angles. Cam Brate told the Tampa Bay Times his career would be over if he had dropped it. “If I had dropped that? I think I would have had to retire.”

Cam goes on to say, “That was amazing. He pointed it at me. We talked about it earlier. It was a great throw. I mean, what do you expect from Tom Brady? A great throw.”

So, what if Cameron Brate had dropped it? My friend, and Fox 13 reporter, Josh Cascio addressed it. What if there had been some pass interference?

Josh says from where they were when the infamous toss happened, it would have sunk twelve feet to the bottom. If Tom or Cam or Gronk hadn’t jumped in to save it… the Tampa Police Department’s Marine Unit would have. They were there. They were watching. They would have thrown in a GPS marker. It would have been found quickly.

By the way, a Lombardi trophy is created by Tiffany’s. Costs about $50,000. The NFL has to be relieved.

I guess the same cannot be said about the Bucs wide receiver Chris Godwin’s cell phone. It went into the river during the parade too. The TPD Marine Unit did not throw in a marker. So, FedEx delivered a new phone yesterday.

On his Instagram feed, Chris said the driver joked with him, “Try not to drop this one in the water too.”

There’s other news to report, too. The Trump impeachment trial in the Senate. The Covid numbers. The vaccine distribution. All big stories. We will get to all of it next week.

For now, I’m starting my weekend. You should too. We deserve it.

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