President Biden Addresses Nation Covid Relief Bill

It’s Friday and I want to get the weekend started. Before I do, a few thoughts about the week gone by.

David Brooks writes in the New York Times that Joe Biden is a “transformational president.” He lays out what President Biden has done to get us out of the Covid pandemic and the economic fallout from it.

I’ll say this: Joe Biden is the president we need right now. I watched his speech Thursday night. My biggest takeaway… he cares. He understands pain and suffering. He gets it.

A few highlights. The Washington Post has “3 Takeaways from Biden’s First Address to the Nation.”

May 1. All adults will be eligible to receive the vaccine. The caveat here… they may not be able to get it, but they will be eligible.

July 4. President Biden said we will, “…not only mark our independence as a nation, but we begin to mark our independence from this virus.” Maybe not big parties this year, but small ones.

The Post also says President Biden is pumping up his vaccine success a bit too much.

No arguing though, it was a good speech. A positive one. An uplifting one.

Earlier in the day, President Biden signed into law the nearly $2 trillion Covid relief package. Those $1,400 stimulus checks will be in some bank accounts as early as this weekend.

On a personal note, I got my place in line. I’m getting my first Covid vaccine shot Tuesday at 11AM. Two days before my 62nd birthday. The best present ever.

All in all, some good news to end the week. We aren’t at the end of the Covid pandemic, but we are starting to see it. I’m ready for the weekend… and a shot in the arm next week.

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