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I’m learning that the “Quarantine 15” is a bit bigger than we thought. How about the “Quarantine 24?”

There’s a new study out that says over the last year we gained a half pound every ten days. Or… two pounds a month. Now, I’m no mathematician, but, that sounds like 24 pounds to me. Yikes!

I found this at the New York Times. “How much weight did we gain during lockdowns? Two pounds a month.”

How did they even figure this out? A researcher writes in a JAMA paper that they used weight measurements from smart scales and Bluetooth technology.

Immediately, I thought how did they get access to that information? Well, these people had been involved in a study before Covid. They were charting their weight loss. That was until Covid happened.

What’s scary here is that these people who gained weight had been trying to lose it during quarantine. Imagine those who were not trying? They could have gained more than 24 pounds.

I know I also put on some weight. I’m working on losing it. It’s not easy.

On another note…

We lost one of the truly funny women this week. Jessica Walter. Most of us know her as Lucille Bluth from “Arrested Development.”

Her character was rich, uncaring and intoxicated most of the time. Please, go look for some Lucille quotes. They will make you laugh out loud.

Perhaps my favorite…Lucille says, “Get me a vodka rocks.” Her son, Michael replies, “Mom, it’s breakfast.” Lucille responds, “And a piece of toast.”

Come on! That’s just funny!

The weekend is upon us. Please go out and have a little fun. Get some rest. I’ll be working on my “Quarantine 24.” Ugh.

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