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I got my second Covid vaccine shot on Monday. “Pfizah,” as Dr. Fauci would say. Let me just say this…it lived up to the hype.

At first, I thought it was going to be like the first one. I felt nothing. I waited my fifteen minutes. Sent my friends texts of my “cycle completed” card. I was ready to dance. Ready to get on a plane and go somewhere. Anywhere.

By 5PM that evening, all I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep it off. That second shot did a number on me. Everything I had heard about it, too. Sore arm. Headache. Achy. Fussy.

Nothing awful. It came and went pretty quickly. By Tuesday morning, I was much better. By Tuesday night, I was fine.

I’m saying all this because if you are scared of getting this thing because of the side effects you might experience, don’t worry. It’s not that bad. Not nearly as bad as a case of Covid.

There are a lot of people, it seems, that are not getting the vaccine. The New York Times has a story about that. “The Rising Politicization of Covid Vaccines.”

Skeptics remain wary of being vaccinated. Safety of it seems to be the biggest concern.

An Axios/Ipsos poll shows that nearly half American adults have had at least one dose of the Covid vaccine. However, those who have not taken it say they will wait a year or longer to take it.

Another poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Washington Post reports that more than a third of the country has little confidence that the vaccines have been properly tested for safety and effectiveness.

Even health care workers have vaccine skepticism. 36% are not confident.

Here’s the problem. Dr. Fauci says in order to reach herd immunity, 75% of Americans need to be vaccinated. We are a ways away from that.

President Biden says all American adults will be eligible for the vaccine by April 19. Eligible. From these polls, getting those shots into enough arms will be an issue.

Look, I get it. When you hear about people getting sick from the vaccine, or how long it will be effective, it turns you off from getting it. I’m glad I did it. Burden lifted.

Sidebar. A big thank you to my friend Lisa Lynn for allowing me to write a blog in her newsletter, Lynfit Nutrition. Lisa asked me to write a little something about surviving and thriving over the last year. She even invented an Oreo smoothie in my honor. Who knew there was Oreo Jello? It’s good. Really good.

Lisa is an inspiration. Her fitness, nutrition and lifestyle tips are genius. She was even Martha Stewart’s personal trainer! I’m honored to be asked to contribute to her newsletter.

You can find Lisa’s newsletter at her website

One more thing about my second Covid vaccine shot. I’m pretty sure that Grimaldi’s Pizza pulled me through it.

Ummm… please don’t tell Lisa I did that. Let’s just let her think it was just a protein smoothie.

2 thoughts on “That Second Shot. Yikes!”
  1. Russell, first off YUM to Grimaldi’s Pizza, When in New York we have hoofed it over the bridge when it’s nice weather to go to the original place, However, Tampa certainly does it very well and super close to the original. I too, had the COvid2 vac attack as I refer to us. Yikes, no side effects at first, and the second holy smokes, headaches, chills my arm felt like Mike Tyson took a swing at it, etc. I never ever get Headaches so I couldn’t relate to those that get migraines, but for a day and a Half I full now understand that blinding pain in your skull. I am so glad to hear you are doing well now, and I am sure you Hubby took great care of you while you were sick. I just love your blogs, I know I respond quite a bit and truly I am trying not to be a stalker. Having been in the house for a year, due to Covid, being able to go out and just do a bit of grocery shopping and a trip to Lowe’s has been so wonderful. Of course I am fully masked and if my husband could get me a Full PPE suit to wear he would do that. As a StageIV cancer patient the Covid shot is helpful but it is not a cure for Covid, and I can still get the disease and with my craptastic Immune System could still end up in the Hospital even after the vaxx. I do get to go out a bit though just taking it slow and easy. I am glad you feel better and I am so very SURE Grimaldi’s helped do the trick!

  2. I got sick just like you!
    I’m living in Cape Haze now and sure miss seeing you every day……

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