As President Gerald Ford said when he took office, “Our long national nightmare is over.” He was referring to another dark time… the end of the Nixon presidency and the Watergate scandal that brought him down.

This time, it’s the ending of a health nightmare. The Covid pandemic. At least it looks that way.

In the United States, infections are down. Just about anyone who wants a vaccine can get one. The CDC has greatly relaxed mask restrictions. It feels like it is over. At least you can feel it coming.

So now what? Back to real life and all of that other news. The stuff we didn’t hear about for the past year and some months.

The Middle East has blown up. From Fox News, explosions rock the streets of Gaza City. Israeli air strikes target the homes of alleged Hamas leaders. It’s an ugly situation that shows no signs of letting up.

I was at dinner Saturday night. Someone asked me to explain the situation. I couldn’t. I’ve never understood what has caused that part of the world to be in such conflict.

There are some things I do get. Like a big media merger. From the AP, a massive media deal between AT&T and Discovery. It’s a $43 billion dollar deal. Okay, I don’t understand this either. I can’t think in those terms.

I do get that combining HBO, CNN, Warner Bros, the Food Network and HGTV creates a media monster.

It sure feels like real life is coming back. I saw a story on CBS last night that really got my attention. RV sales and campground reservations are booming. It’s going to be a summer for travel. We took the year off. Now, get ready. Everybody is going somewhere. I’m ready to go.

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