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I’m starting to think we are getting really fed up with our year of Covid restrictions. Masks. Travel. Even the CDC and Dr. Fauci.

Let’s start with masks. Out and about, people are not wearing them like they were. At the gym, I’m still wearing mine, and I’m feeling in the minority.

Local school districts are feeling it, too. Parents are ready for this to be done. My TV station, Fox 13, is reporting that districts are planning to ease mask restrictions in the next school year.

For some parents, it’s not soon enough. They want the mask mandates removed now, saying it harms their kids.

The messages are mixed. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lifted all Covid restrictions last week. He left it to private business to decide if they want to continue with masks and social distancing. School districts are still figuring things out.

The FAA isn’t sending out mixed messages on this. Hundreds of complaints from airlines in the past few months. Many over face masks. The FAA isn’t afraid to fine. The biggest so far, $35,000 dollars. Not messing around. At all.

From flying to cruising. The State of Florida will go before a federal judge to get the cruise industry open again. The CDC has had a no sail order in place for more than a year. It’s estimated the state has lost 169,000 jobs and $23 billion dollars. If the judge rules in the state’s favor, the cruise industry could get back to business immediately.

Speaking of the CDC, there is growing frustration of how it is handling these ending days of the pandemic. It all came to a head during a meeting of the Senate Health Committee.

Besides the usual back and forth between Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci, most of the frustration was pointed at the CDC.

From Yahoo News, Republicans lashed out at the CDC for its conflicting and confusing guidance. Senator Susan Collins said it’s gone so far as undermine public confidence. “I used to have the utmost respect for the guidance from the CDC. I always considered the CDC to be the gold standard. I don’t anymore.”

So, that’s where we are. A year in and frustrated. We want normal. Any kind of normal. We’re not there. Not yet.

2 thoughts on “Covid Frustrations”
  1. I am appalled at the state for mandating that we should not have a Scarlet A for Immunity from the vaccine placed upon us so that folks know who is and isn’t vaccinated and while the Letter I isn’t feasible the passports are. I do not want to go into buildings with folks umvaccinated and unmasked throwing their cooties of Covid around as while I am vaccinated with my low immune system due to Stage iv Cancer still makes my body a target. I think our Govt went too far saying private companies cannot use this as to determine their customer base. Until you look at our Legislature most of whom are Republicans and most of whom themselves haven’t gotten themselves vaccinated and are not pushing Republicans to get the vaccine and we sit at a measly low 30% vaccinated, and that is not just the population, it is only the eligible population. It’s disconcerting that we are supposed to set the trend and the trend is not to vaccinate but to reopen when the state clearly isn’t ready yet. I hope the courts uphold the Cruise industry and if not the Cruise industry sticks to their backbone of requiring all passengers be vaccinated. I hope Norwegian polls i

  2. Good blog today. Frankly, I have lost all confidence in Dr Fauci and woukd just assume not hearing another single word from him. After hearing parts of yesterday’s Congressional hearing I have lost all confidence in Fauci and the CDC. Is Fauci covering up his complicity in the Wuhab virus resrarch?

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