Kamala Harris

I watched NBC’s Lester Holt interview Vice President Kamala Harris. I realized this is a woman with a lot on her plate. Perhaps the most significant Vice President we have had in a long time.

Harris is on her first official trip. She is trying to get a handle on the influx of migrants into the United States. First to Guatemala. Then, to Mexico.

Her words to these migrants, “Do not come. Do not come.” Powerful words. Will they be enough to stop the flow?

These are people fleeing poverty and violence. Looking for a better life. A better life in the United States of America.

Lester Holt pressed the Vice President on why she has not visited the actual border where the migrants are crossing into the U.S. She answered that we have to deal with the reason they are coming here.

Holt pressed the subject. “Do you have any plans to go to the border?” Harris said, “I care about the border. I’m in Guatemala because I care about the root causes of migration.”

Harris also said this is not an easy situation. It will take time to fix.

I said she has a lot on her plate. President Biden has also tasked her with passing the Democrats new voting bill. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has said he would not support it. So, is it dead on arrival?

Vice President Harris is not deterred. She says this should not be a partisan issue at all.

Politico writes, “It ain’t easy being Veep.” Harris is taking it from both sides. Republicans have chastised her for not going to the border. Some Democrats don’t like that she told migrants to not come. No, it ain’t easy.

I’ve always thought that President Joe Biden is setting up Vice President Kamala Harris for a bigger job. His. Someday, she again runs for president.

Kamala Harris knew none of this would be easy. I think however, she’s in the right place. Showing the world that she can take on the big issues. I just hope that plate doesn’t get too full.

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