Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need.

We took a little vacation with some good friends to Aspen over the Labor Day weekend. First of all, I think it’s the first time in years that I didn’t have to check a weather app for something brewing in the tropics.

Now, it’s back to the news. The change of scenery didn’t last long unfortunately. Covid. Afghanistan. Horrific crimes. That’s what I came home to and read about aloud on TV.

The Washington Post has an interesting piece about Covid vaccine booster shots: “As experts debate boosters, vaccinated people are calling their own shots.”

The Biden administration is pushing booster shots by September 20. Too soon? Not soon enough? The experts debate.

And this… should it even be called a booster or just part of the original series?

There’s a lot of confusion here. With that said, many people have already received that third shot. The so-called “immunocompromised.” That’s a vague term.

Dr. Kavita Patel tells the Post, “People are doing what they want. I know patients who have gotten a booster four months after their second dose.”

Turns out there is no national registry that tracks who has had and hasn’t had a Covid vaccine. Should there be?

On a personal note, my cardiologist has told me to get the booster. It turns out, I’m immunocompromised. So, I did it. I got the third one. I felt like crap for three days. Still glad I did it.

Back to Aspen for a minute. Besides having a great time, I saw Jimmy Buffett. I went all the way to Colorado to see a Florida musician!

You know what? I loved the concert. A lot of fun. Gotta love Jimmy and his Parrot Heads.

Strict Covid protocols in place at the concert, too. Proof of vaccination or a negative test result.

I felt safe there. When I didn’t, I wore a mask. That’s sort of how I live my life these days. A mask is always close.

That change of scenery was nice. Mountains. Cooler weather. It got me thinking. I write a lot here about bad news. Maybe it’s time for some good news. Maybe I’ll write about that. Once a week. It’s a tall order, but I’m going to try.

The change of scenery did me some good. You know what though? I think I like the scenery in Florida, too.

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  1. It was a lot of fun spending time with you and Enrique! You both are as refreshing and wonderful as the change in climate.

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