We are getting a better idea of why many doctors keep pushing to have kids masked up at school.

According to the CDC, about 60 children are being admitted to Florida hospitals every day.

Remember when kids were considered somewhat immune to symptoms of Covid? Not with the Delta variant. It’s affecting everyone. More than 15,000 patients of all ages are hospitalized in Florida with Covid.

Meanwhile, the State of Florida is going ahead with punishing school districts that violate Governor Ron DeSantis’ ban on mask mandates.

The Hillsborough and Sarasota school districts face a big deadline today. If they do not comply with the governor’s ban, they face a funding cut.

What’s confusing here is that a judge ruled last week that the mask mandate is illegal. Not sure where this goes from here. Stay tuned.

Parents could be facing another choice soon. Pfizer is getting ready to ask for “emergency use” authorization for its vaccine for kids age 5 to 11.

From Covid to Ida. Turns out the hurricane really did a number on Louisiana.

The power could be back on to parts of New Orleans today. The rest of the state may be waiting for days or weeks. One million people are without power in Louisiana.

From the New York Times, the damage from Hurricane Ida is immense. Some places you still cannot get to or out of.

Representative Steve Scalise says it will be a long recovery. “This was a really bad storm for many people. Worse than Katrina.”

Fox News is reporting that the island community of Grand Isle is uninhabitable. 100% of homes and structures are damaged. 40% are partially or totally destroyed.

What’s scary about this storm is that it’s just not giving up. It’s not running out of gas yet. Heavy rain from it continues to head east. 80 million people are in danger of flooding.

Those are the two big stories I’m watching right now. Covid and storm damage.

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