I start the week looking at Hurricane Ida and the damage it has caused. Just stunning and horrifying.

I’m inclined to believe what the scientists say… climate change has made these storms worse.

As I was typing that last sentence, the news alert came across my phone from the AP: Ida downgraded to a tropical storm, 16 hours after striking Louisiana as a category 4 hurricane.

The fact it strengthened to a category 4 as it approached Louisiana is what gets me. It was almost a category 5.

The New York Times has a piece called: “What we know about climate change and hurricanes.” The gist of it… scientists are confident that the warming of the planet is changing the way storms behave.

Here’s how. Higher winds. More rain. Slower storms. Wider ranging storms. (They can now form in more places.) More volatility. (That’s how Ida intensified so quickly.)

We are coming into the peak of hurricane season. I just saw our weather map. Besides Ida, there are three more places of interest on that map. Ugh.

We will get a better idea of the damage from Ida as the day wears on. We know there is a lot. At one point, all of New Orleans lost power. More than a million people are now without power in Louisiana.

There is more news to talk about too. The ongoing crises in Afghanistan. The ongoing Covid crises.

Also, we lost one of the greats this week. Ed Asner. We knew him as Lou Grant. The clip everyone is playing today is when Lou told Mary that she has spunk. She says, “Well, yes.” Lou then says, “I hate spunk.”

My favorite moment in that scene happened earlier. This all happened, by the way, during the first episode of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and during Mary’s job interview.

Lou Grant:
What religion are you?

Mary Richards:
Mr. Grant, I don’t quite know how to say this, but you’re not allowed to ask that when someone’s applying for a job. It’s against the law.

Lou Grant:
Wanna call a cop?

Mary Richards:

Lou Grant:
Good. Would you think I was violating your civil rights if I asked if you’re married?

Mary Richards:

Hahaha! To this day, when someone asks me an uncomfortable question, I answer, “Presbyterian.” They don’t get it, but that’s okay. I do.

Lou Grant. One of the greatest TV characters ever. Rest In Peace, Ed Asner. You brought much joy to many, many people.

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