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I’m not sure how he thought this was a good idea on any level. During the worst winter storm anyone can remember, Texas Senator Ted Cruz leaves his state to take his family on vacation to Cancun.

Pick your favorite news site… the New York Times, the Washington Post, TMZ… any of them… all of them… Senator Cruz is getting eviscerated.

Much of Texas is powerless and without water. People are melting snow on propane stoves to have something to drink. They are burning furniture just to stay warm. It’s bad. My friends in my hometown of Paris, Texas, still don’t know how much livestock they have lost. The snow has to melt first.

A thaw is coming, but Ted Cruz political career may be permanently frozen. By now, you know what happened. With his power out, Senator Cruz decided to take his family to Mexico. It quickly became a viral s*** storm. (And I don’t mean snow.) Pictures of Cruz walking around airports and on the plane are everywhere.

For his part, Ted Cruz is saying he only chaperoned his family to Cancun and was planning to come back.

After getting back home and wearing the Texas flag as a mask, he said the trip was “obviously a mistake.”

But the damage was already done. The hashtags started trending. #FlyinTed. #FledCruz.

With that said, if anyone could talk his way out of this, it’s Ted Cruz. He can talk. And talk. Remember the time he read Dr. Seuss during a filibuster on the Senate floor? “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Note to Senator Cruz: “Oh the Places You’ll Go” will not be a good choice this time.

Let’s end this with some good news. Perseverance nailed the landing. The NASA rover successfully touched down on Mars.

Was there ever life on Mars? What does Mars sound like. “Percy” will find out. That’s what NASA folks call Perseverance. I love that.

How to wrap this up? Twitter is having a field day with both Ted Cruz and Percy. My favorite, so far, is from Grace Parra Janney: “NASA landed on Mars before Ted Cruz got back to Texas.”

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