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New administration… same old divide. Despite President Biden’s call for unity in government, it appears nothing has changed.

Case in point… Covid relief. Fox News is reporting there is a stalemate over the final price tag of the next round of Covid relief, which is estimated to cost nearly $2 trillion.

No Republicans voted to advance the new relief package, which would give most Americans an additional $1,400. So now Democrats—though not all Democrats—are trying to push ahead without GOP support.

Meanwhile, Republicans are facing their own internal problems.

Some are calling for Representative Liz Cheney to lose her leadership role in Congress after supporting former President Trump’s impeachment.

Also, what to do about Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. She has been accused of holding extremist views and wild conspiracy theories. Senate Minority Mitch McConnell is condemning Greene’s “looney lies and conspiracy theories.” CNN also reports that McConnell has praised Liz Cheney’s courage.

Enough about politics for now….

Looks like the party’s over. At least for now for GameStop investors. The Washington Post is reporting that since last Thursday shares have fallen 81%. That’s $27 billion on paper. Most of it losses coming from the little guys. Get ready for the Feds to step in. It’s not gonna be pretty.

Finally, sports. The Super Bowl. The Bucs. Tampa is crazy. Need I say more? I started this entry by saying there’s not a lot of unity in Washington. Well, there’s plenty of unity on the Big Game. At least in Tampa Bay, there is. This is fun—lots of fun!

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