I was thinking about that movie “Dolphin Tale” last night. Obviously, because the star of that movie, Winter the Dolphin, died last night at her home the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. She had been sick for a few days. The staff at the aquarium did everything they could to save her.

As for the movie, it was one I had refused to see. I mean, why would my sophisticated movie tastes want to see something like that? It’s a kid movie!

We were on a flight to Columbia a few years ago. “Dolphin Tale” was playing on the flight. My husband, Enrique, was watching it in Spanish. I started watching it sitting next to him.
I remember thinking this isn’t so bad. Then, there was the scene where the little girl in the wheelchair came to the aquarium to see Winter.
Remember, we are watching it in Spanish. I don’t speak Spanish. The little girl goes to the tank and says, “Es Winter.” I didn’t need a translator. “It’s Winter.” Well, that was that. The tears flowed. And they flowed.

That little dolphin inspired a lot of people. Those with obvious disabilities and those of us with the not so obvious ones.

I’m sad about Winter. I’m having to read about her death on TV this morning. I’m seeing video of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium staff hold her, love on her and kiss her during her last hours.

Some of those have been with her since she arrived at the aquarium as a baby. They were with her when she got that prosthetic tail that allowed her to swim. They were there to see her become a star.

I’m interested to see what the aquarium does now to memorialize and remember her.

For now, I’m just thinking about that little dolphin and that little girl in the movie. “Es Winter.”

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