eiffel tower in paris during night time

You might ask in the time of Omicron, and whatever else is out there, how can you enjoy Paris? So far, very well.

Look, I get it. You might even say it was dumb to make this trip. Honestly, I was on the fence about it until I stepped on the plane to get here.

All that said, I feel as good here as I would in Tampa. I worry about getting stuck. I’ll cross that bridge in a few days.

Until then, I’m enjoying Paris.

Last night, a Vivaldi concert at La Madeleine church. Everyone was masked. We sat a safe distance from others and heard some beautiful music.

It really was lovely.

We walked back to our hotel. It was cold. We looked in all the windows of the stores. Beautifully decorated. Keep in mind, these are stores like Chanel, Gucci and Dior. They know their stuff.

We stopped for a late supper. I felt very French… even though it was pizza. Sidebar. As wonderful as the French can cook, they don’t seem to have this pizza thing down. I didn’t know you could put too much cheese on a pizza.

Today, more sightseeing. A museum. Masked up. Keeping our distance.

Paris is still Paris. It will always be. I will always enjoy being here. Even with Covid in the air.

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