baked pies and bread in baskets

As I wrote out the headline, “So far, so good,” I accidentally typed “So fat so good.” Hahaha! In a way, that’s what I was going to write about.

French food.

I’m having breakfast in my hotel. Enrique is still sleeping. He’s not a breakfast kind of guy. I am. In fact, I think breakfast is my favorite thing about vacation.

Because I wake up so early, breakfast is just not an option. It’s coffee and go. By the time, I could have breakfast, the moment has passed.

So, getting to enjoy a nice leisurely breakfast is a treat.
And having a French breakfast is even better. They do know how to cook over here. The bread. The pastries. The eggs! I would love to be able to poach an egg like they do in France. Is it the chickens? Something makes these eggs so bright, yellow and tasty.

The trip is going well. Covid looms large. Lines of people testing. We will have to do it before we leave. Fingers crossed.

I don’t want to get stuck here. Well, I kinda do… but I can’t. Work, you know. Gotta pay for this trip.

Until then, a few more breakfasts. Bread. Pastries. Poached eggs. Really soft, please.

So far, so good. So fat, so good.

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