I must say that the trip to France was about as easy as it gets. The flight. Customs. Getting to our hotel. All of it easy.

Then, the fun part. Getting the health pass. The QR code that essentially allows you to go anywhere in France. Without it, you’re done.

I’m told that all pharmacies in France will give you the code. I’m pretty sure that the one our hotel sent us to was the only one. The line was long. The coughs were abundant.

It turns out, if you need a Covid test you go to the pharmacy too. So, there we were. In line, with all the French waiting to get their Covid test. Crap!

I said to Enrique, “If we get out of this unscathed, it’s a Christmas miracle. So far, so good. I’m so vaxxed.

I will say this, we are being unusually careful. Wearing masks even where not required.

It’s our first real day here. At least one that I feel like I know what time it is. Jet lag is real. I know. First world problems.

It’s Christmas Eve too. I think. I’m still a little jet lagged to know what time or day it is.

I know where I am, though. Paris. It’s beautiful.

Time to mask up.. grab the sanitizer… the antibacterial wipes… and get to it.

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