I’m not sure how many more steps there are, but it appears we are ”one step closer” to seeing Russia invade Ukraine. At least that’s what we are reporting today. Whatever step we are at, things are not looking good.

Those troops that Russia reportedly pulled back from the Ukranian border are still there. Russia says the troops will stay and continue their exercises in nearby Belarus.

Also going on, Russian backed rebels are launching attacks within Ukraine.

President Biden says an invasion is imminent. He is not giving up on diplomacy, however. Fox News is reporting that President Biden has agreed in principle to a summit with Russian President Putin IF he does not invade Ukraine.

The New York Times is reporting that a Russian invasion of Ukraine would be unlike most others in recent memory. David Leonhardt writes that this war would a sign that “the world may be entering an alarming new era in which authoritarianism is on the rise.”

Leonhardt says there are two main ways a war in Ukraine would be different. Regional dominance and democratic recession.

This is messy, really messy. So far, there are no plans to send U.S. troops into Ukraine. I don’t think many people in this country have the stomach for it.

What we really don’t have the stomach for is a post war occupation of another country.

So, how does all of this affect us? Besides the headlines, that the world is an unhealthy place, there is the economy to consider. Already the stock market is being affected. Higher gas prices could be next.

One step closer. It’s a scary thought. I’m not sure how many steps are left in that march into Ukraine.

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  1. Follow joey101stairborne on Instagram. He’s my friend from Orlando and he has been deployed. He posts quite a few videos and shots of what’s going on right now including Russian helicopters that have been shot down. In one of his posts he stated he felt like he had a front row seat to WW3.

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