“A special military operation.” That’s how Russian President Vladimir Putin is describing what is happening in Ukraine. The rest of the world is calling it an invasion. Whatever you call it, it has begun.

Fox News reports that Putin has ordered the Russian military to invade Ukraine. Dozens are believed dead as Russia targets several cities with airstrikes and ground troops.

None of this is good. I honestly thought Putin wouldn’t do it. I thought he was just trying to make a point. Instead, he attacked. Now, he’s threatening anyone else that tries to stop him.

According to the Washington Post, Putin has warned of grave consequences for anyone considering interfering with Russia’s plans, appearing to threaten the use of nuclear weapons.

Where does this all go from here?

For his part, President Biden calls it an ”unjustified attack“ that signals a ”premeditated war that will bring a catastrophic loss of life and human suffering.” He went on to say, ”The world will hold Russia accountable.”

President Biden will meet with other members of the G7 today, then address the country on where we go from here. It is widely expected that he will announce tougher sanctions on Russia. Those better be some really tough sanctions.

The stock market is tanking. Crude oil is approaching $100 a barrel.

“A special military operation.” It’s an invasion. An unprovoked attack on a country with little way to defend itself.

At this point, we can hope Putin cools off, claims victory and pulls back. We can hope that sanctions work.

If not, we have to wonder what he will do next? What country is next on his list? As General David Petraeus told Fox News, ”That’s where you start to think about World War Three.”

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