Now that Vladimir Putin has invaded Ukraine, the question becomes what’s his endgame?

There is no shortage of opinion on this. In fact, every place you look, there is speculation. Politico’s Friday Cover is titled “What does Putin really want?”

Some say Putin is trying to recreate the old Soviet Union. Others say he wants to tear down Ukraine. Still, others say he just wants to challenge NATO and rub its nose in it.

Most agree that despite all the saber rattling and threats, he can go only so far. I was watching Lester Holt’s interview with former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, Admiral James Stavridis. He actually made me feel better about the situation.

Stavridis said, “NATO is well prepared to defended itself against Russia.” He also said that, “we should do all we can to support Ukraine short of sending troops there.”

Putin knows he’s outmanned and outgunned when it comes to NATO. I’m not saying that will stop him, but it should make him think.

For now, we watch this play out. The Washington Post is reporting that the U.S fears the capital of Kyiv could soon fall as Russian forces press closer.

President Biden is set to attend an emergency summit with NATO today.

This just crossed my phone. From the Wall Street Journal… Russia has agreed to talks with Ukraine. So, maybe, just maybe cooler heads will prevail before more damage is done.

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