It’s been a week. A tough one.

For most of us, what Vladimir Putin is doing in Ukraine rises to the level of war crimes. Here’s the thing though. War crimes are hard to prove. The Washington Post has an excellent piece on just what constitutes a war crime?

Turns out, according to The Post, the modern framework for assessing war crimes was born out of the Nuremberg trials after World War Two. That was when Nazi Party officials, military officers and German elites were on trial for crimes against humanity.

President Biden has said, “it’s too early to say” if Putin is a war criminal.

David Brooks writes an opinion piece in The New York Times. “The Week That Awoke the World.” It’s a tribute to the brave people of Ukraine. “Instructors and inspirers,” he calls them.

He’s right, you know. Led by their president, Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian people have stood up to the Russian army. Brooks talks about ordinary citizens lining up to get weapons to defend themselves.

Brooks writes that we owe the Ukrainians a debt. They have reminded us what it looks like to believe in democracy and to act bravely on behalf of it.

There is some news to report. The fire that started in that Ukrainian nuclear power plant is now out. There is no sign of a radiation leak. The Russians however, have taken control of the plant.

This is far from over. Blasts are being heard in Kyiv as Russian forces move in. Thousands continue to flee the country.

It’s been a week. I fear the first of many where the news out of Ukraine dominates and breaks our hearts.

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