The situation in Ukraine has become a “humanitarian crises.” That’s how Fox’s Lauren Blanchard describes it as she reports from Poland. Behind her, thousands of people fleeing Ukraine and trying to figure out where they will go next.

Their journey out of Ukraine has been harrowing. Russia is firing on civilians trying to leave. Women and children fired upon. Unforgivable.

Time Magazine has put together a list of companies that have stopped doing business with Russia. It’s extensive. However this ends, Russia will be feeling the consequences for a long time.

Apple, IKEA, BP, Shell, Boeing, Airbus, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Honda, Disney, Visa and Mastercard. All of them, in some way, ending their business with Russia.

Over the weekend, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to three hundred U.S Congress members. He’s asking for a no-fly zone over his country. It has been ruled out. Florida Senator Marco Rubio says a no-fly zone would “mean World War Three.”

One thing that is looking like more of a possibility is a U.S. ban on Russian oil. Congress is putting pressure on the Biden administration to do it. The problem is how much more that would drive up gas prices? The national average is already over four dollars a gallon.

Is there anything hopeful to report on a Monday morning? ABC News reports that Russia has announced another cease-fire and a handful of humanitarian corridors to allow civilians to flee Ukraine. The problem is those routes mostly lead to Russia and its ally Belarus. A non-starter for Ukraine.

So far, the Russian invasion has sent 1.7 million people fleeing Ukraine. The U.N. calls it the fastest growing refugee crises in Europe since World War Two.

Fox’s Lauren Blanchard is in the middle of it all in Poland. She calls it a “ humanitarian crises.” Sadly, I think she’s right.

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