The thing about Florida… we know how to air condition. Italy… not so much. It’s hot over here. I mean, hot! I didn’t pack for this.

The ancient Roman’s could build incredible structures. They built aqua ducts that brought water from the mountains that you can still drink from today. It’s good water too. You should see people filling up their water bottles in fountains.

A/C? Nope. I mean, they have some, but not like home. Umm… they seem to be fine with it, though. Maybe, I’m soft. Hahaha!

Let me say this. We are walking everywhere. Miles. My step counter is off the charts. I would never walk like this at home.

We walk. We stumble into something incredible. Like that Bone Church I wrote about yesterday. Today, we walked to the National Contemporary Art Museum. I saw something that changed me.

You can find it at my Instagram.

A photograph that depicts a couple living their life during the Iran-Iraq war. Having a meal while a tank is pointed at them. It’s one of a series of photos from Gohar Dashti. Made me think of what’s happening in Ukraine today. Powerful.

That’s the thing about art. It can entertain, inspire and make you think. This museum does it all.

Next stop. The Pantheon. The narrowest of streets. Filled with people. I don’t know how they drive here.

Worth it, though. Spectacular structure. Another architectural achievement. They built it in 125 AD. 125 AD!

My husband, Enrique, studied it in college. He says it’s one of the major architectural achievements of all time. The dome is incredible. Again, the ancient Romans.

You stepoutside the Parthenon. T-shirt stores and restaurants. Dining in the shadow of the Pantheon. A fine spaghetti carbonara.

Speaking of… a lot of pasta and pizza. I said that I didn’t pack for this. For the heat. I’m starting to believe I didn’t pack for the girth either. All that walking. You would think it would be enough. Not enough for the carbonara.

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