Short post. Short train trip.

I’m always amazed at just how fast a train can go. We are traveling from Rome to Florence today.

247km, the screen says. That’s 153 miles-per-hour. I know that’s normal over here, but it’s always hard to wrap my brain around that. I mean, that’s fast.

The landscape just whisks by. I’m kinda like a kid watching out the window. Such an American tourist.

I really hate that we don’t have a better railway system in the United States. The train station in Rome was ten minutes from our hotel.

You arrive at the station and get called just minutes before you leave. You carry your own luggage, so you know exactly where it is. You sit down and you are off.

At this point, you might be saying that it’s not that bad getting through the Tampa airport. It’s not. We are blessed. Have you done New York? Dallas? You gotta plan for that.

Interesting to note here. This is the only place so far that has required us to wear masks. I’m completely fine with that, by the way. I’ve had so many Covid boosters that they won’t fit on a single vaccine card anymore.

Arriving in Florence soon. An hour-and-a-half. Wow, that was fast.

I did have a moment. Needed to go to the restroom. Have you ever tried to walk while going 153 miles-per-hour? I bounced off two walls and fell into someone’s lap. Hahaha! Such an American tourist.

3 thoughts on “Wow, that was fast.”
  1. Thanks for taking us viewers along on your vaca…you are a great tour guide.
    Have fun, be safe and keep laughing!

  2. So nice to hear about your trip. Anyone who comes in contact with you is meeting a Very Nice American Tourist! Have a wonderful vacation.??

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