Michelangelo’s David

We made it to Florence. I think I like it better than Rome. It’s certainly cleaner.

Somehow, some way, we ended up at a kid’s ballet recital. It’s the daughter of a family friend.

Afterwards, we went to dinner. At midnight, I’m eating pizza. I’m too old for that. Great pizza though.

Funny story. While waiting for the train yesterday, I went into a sitting area. I saw a guy. He was wearing a hat like mine. Looked just like me. Only heavier. Turns out, I was looking into a mirrored wall. Hahaha! Yikes!

It’s after midnight. Everyone is still out. Families. Kids. Little kids. Everything felt totally safe. We walked everywhere. At 1am, I was still walking. Hopefully, walking off that pizza.

They just don’t sleep here. Or, they sleep in. I’ll let you know in the morning. I’m really tired. Walking tour of Florence tomorrow. Well, today, I guess.

Up and at it. Short night, but it’s vacation. Right?

I think I love Florence. I’m sure I love it more than Rome. Even a waiter at our hotel in Rome said he loves Florence more… and he’s from Rome.

Let the walking tour begin. It’s cooler here today.

Florence is all about art. Renaissance art. Capital of the Tuscan region of Italy.

It’s an easy town to walk. At the center of it all, the Duomo. The cathedral with a terracotta dome. The bell tower next to it. The Baptistery building next to it. It makes for an interesting and beautiful square.

As much as the Bone Church in Rome captivated me, the statue of David thrilled me. There really is nothing like it.

How Michelangelo did that is a question for the ages. Our tour guide said, “David speaks to me every time I see him. He seems alive and moving.”

I get it. The detail on that sculpture is incredible. You can see the veins in his arms. David spoke to me today. He really did seem alive.

I’m going to be rereading some Psalms after this. Taking some David away with me.

Lunch now. Pasta. Lots of pasta and pizza. Then, a nap. A long one. I can’t keep up with the Italians and their late nights. They don’t sleep here.

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