I think my biggest takeaway so far in Italy is that everywhere you go here, there’s history. Something old. Preserved, lovingly.

(I just learned how to insert images in my posts, by the way.)

A room with a view.

Not just the museums either. Or, the statues and monuments on the streets. It’s a part of every day life here.

A department store will have a piece of the aqueduct that feeds the Trevi Fountain. (You can still drink that water, by the way.).

Aqueduct in a department store.
Trevi Fountain

Our hotel has wall paintings discovered during construction.

What do you do? You work around it. Protect it. Preserve it. Adapt and make it part of the design.

I’m waking the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. . One of the most incredible collections I have ever seen. An entire hallway of sculpture. Priceless works from the Italian Renaissance.

A hallway of sculpture.

A room of Michelangelo. A room of da Vinci. A room of Rembrandt. There’s so much here it almost becomes mundane.

Almost. Not quite. I’ll get home and think of this forever. There’s history everywhere here.

History. Everywhere.
3 thoughts on “History. Everywhere.”
  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Enrique ????sounds like an amazing trip and I love your appreciation for works of art/sculptures!!

  2. You are so privileged to see this as a tourist, appreciating the history. I always remember people save for years to come to Florida for Disney or beaches on vaca….stop wherever we are and smell the roses, right?

  3. Oh, you are so blessed to be able to take a wonderful trip like that. Seeing places & things so old & the wonderful care they take of them.
    I’m so glad you got to go, now you can tell others about it!
    God bless you!

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