I remember the days when you waited until after Labor Day to start your political campaign for a November election. Not anymore.

It’s the morning after the primary. I was wrong in my prediction that the campaigns might take a break.

Already, I’ve seen two ads. One beats up Charlie Crist. He takes on Ron DeSantis for Florida Governor.

The other attacks Val Demings. She’s taking on Marco Rubio in the Florida Senate race in November.

Off and running. Running hard.

If anything surprised me about yesterday it’s how badly Nikki Fried lost to Charlie Crist. It wasn’t even close. Crist: 59.7%. Fried: 35.3%.

Another thing to watch today is the war in Ukraine. Today marks six months since the war began. By coincidence, today is Ukraine Independence Day.

Because of that, Ukraine is bracing for something from Russia. No one knows what, but they are preparing.

The Ukrainian government is banning large gatherings in the capital over the next few days.

Meantime, U.S. citizens are being urged to leave Ukraine as fears grow over this potential surge in Russian attacks.

The Washington Post is reporting that President Biden is pledging another $3 billion in support to Ukraine.

The Post also reports that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky marked the day by attending a church service and laying flowers for those lost in this war.

He also hailed the courage of Ukrainians: “It doesn’t matter to us what kind of army you have. What matters to us is our land. We will fight for it until the end.”

Zelensky is a helluva leader.

Let’s end this with some good news. Gas prices have fallen everyday since June. 70 straight days. The national average is now $3.89. At one point, it was over $5 a gallon.

My head is all over the place today. Election aftermath. The war in Ukraine. Gas prices.

Wait. Just saw two more ads. A DeSantis ad on keeping Florida open. One beating up Charlie Crist. It’s gonna be a long few months.

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