I’m wondering if this is what we are going to see when the redacted Mar-a-Lago affidavit is finally released. Just a lot of blacked out words and lines.

A judge in south Florida has ordered the Justice Department to release the redacted affidavit by noon. Will we see anything at all?

This affidavit explains just what the FBI was looking for at President Trump’s south Florida home.

The redactions are needed, according to the Justice Department, to protect witnesses and the integrity of the investigation.

Several media organizations have asked that the affidavit be made public. President Trump wants it released too.

In fact, Trump wants the entire thing released. He says on social media that he did nothing wrong.

Trump cites the Presidential Records Act as his protection. It’s unclear if that will cover him, however.

The FBI seized 11 sets of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. Former U.S. Assistant Attorney Andrew McCarthy tells Fox News, “What the Presidential Records Act gives to a former president is complete access to the information, but not possession, custody or control of it.”

President Trump’s legal team has a deadline today to explain to a federal judge why a neutral third party arbiter is needed to review the evidence taken from his home.

This story is messy. So many unanswered questions.

Why did the former president have top secret documents at his home? What’s in them?

Why did the Justice Department feel the need to go after them? Was it politically motivated?

President Biden says he knew nothing about the Mar-a-Lago raid. If he didn’t, the Justice Department was clearly trying to give him some cover.

The next big question is how does the raid affect President Trump’s polling numbers? Emerson College in Pennsylvania polled voters.

The raid may actually help him. 38% said they are more likely to support him. 34% said less likely. 28% say it makes no difference.

In a matchup with President Biden, Trump has a five point lead. 47% to 42%.

It should be noted that President Trump has not officially announced a 2024 run.

We could find out a lot today. We could also find out very little.

The weekend is just about here. Ask me about it on Monday. Redacted.

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