Let me start with this. I get it. Our border problem is a disaster. What we are doing along the US-Mexico border is just not working. Our policy there is a failure.

All that said, putting these immigrants on planes and sending them to other states is not the answer. In fact, my opinion, it’s wrong.

The latest example of this comes from Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis. Two planes of immigrants were taken to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Fifty men, women and children. All believed to be from Venezuela.

According to the New York Times, the planes arrived yesterday without any notice. They had left earlier in the day from San Antonio, Texas.

The Communications Director for Governor DeSantis said the two flights were part of a state program to transport undocumented immigrants to so-called sanctuary destinations. The Florida Legislature set aside $12 million for the transportation program.

As for the people of Martha’s Vineyard, they stepped up. Provided shelter, food and clothes for the immigrants.

The Times interviewed a man named Leonel. He said he left Venezuela three months ago. He has no relatives in the United States. He got a new pair of shoes when he arrived in Martha’s Vineyard. Leonel said, “It’s been three months since I put on a new pair of pants. Or shoes.”

It goes both ways too. Immigrants from up north are being sent to Florida. More Venezuelans who had been bussed to New York from a Texas are being sent here.

New York has about ten thousand Venezuelans seeking asylum.

Again, I’m going to say there are no easy answers. I have no idea how to fix this problem. I’m deeply disappointed in how the Biden administration has handled this. I thought Vice President Harris had made it her priority. Nothing.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.” Those are the words on the Statue of Liberty.

We were once known as a country of immigrants. Not anymore. We are Americans, by God.

Once upon a time, we could put our differences aside to try and figure out our problems. Not anymore. Let’s make it political.

Welcome to America. Step on the bus. Get on the plane. Your tour of the United States begins. You came here for a better life. You are now a political pawn.

5 thoughts on “Political pawns.”
  1. It is a shame that third world countries are so over ridden with crime that those who no longer are willing to live with it and walk thousands of miles to get to the border and are taken by false pretense to an ISLAND that they had no idea even existed is HEARTLESS and CRUEL. The 12 million would have been wonderful raises for our teachers who have left the field because they could make a living wage doing something else. Again DethSantis has messed over Florida and the people of Marthas Vineyard,and the people who were put on the plane to no where. Thank God for the people of Marthas Vinyard who have the hearts of wonderful God loving people and are taking care of those people. Of course they will have to pay for those who have court hearings in other states to get there for their hearing. This is not the answer!!!

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