I’m looking back to Friday. For us, the news pretty much ends at 10am. Our show is done. Let the dayside crew handle what comes next.

It had been a quiet Friday. Not a lot of breaking news. The midterm elections. Elon Musk finally taking control of Twitter. Those were the big stories.

10:30 am. I’m out of the building and headed home. Boom. The news breaks. Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady are getting a divorce. No surprise, but now it’s official. I guess I understand why Tom seemed a little off as the Bucs lost to the Ravens the night before. I guess I understand why he sat at his locker after the game in full pads and uniform with his head in his hands.

The real news was yet to come. We had reported earlier that Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, had been attacked in the couple’s home in San Francisco. It sounded bad, but nothing like the story eventually became.

Tom and Giselle caught a break. The attack on Paul Pelosi would play out all day. All weekend. A horrible attack.

As I write this on Monday morning, that story just gets more bizarre. The most important thing is that Paul Pelosi is expected to make a full recovery. He’s already back home.

Investigators believe Nancy Pelosi was the intended target. The New York Times reports that she is one of the most threatened members of Congress.

This election season the rhetoric is definitely amped up. The political ads are particularly mean this year. I’m so tired of hearing that this candidate or that candidate “votes with Pelosi one hundred percent of the time.”

It’s no wonder that some people get stirred up. Some so stirred up that they resort to violence. We saw it January 6th. We saw it again with Paul Pelosi.

Senator Susan Collins says she wouldn’t be surprised if a member of Congress was killed. A storm window was recently smashed at her home in Maine.

Collins told the New York Times earlier this month, “There’s been a sea change in that we now see this constant escalation and erosion of any boundaries of what is acceptable behavior, and it has crossed over into actual violence.”

So, here we are. As Collins predicted it has become actual violence. I can’t imagine what is going through Nancy Pelosi’s head right now. Is it worth it?

I would imagine for her it is. Not to lessen what happened to her husband, I’m sure she sees the bigger picture. Nancy Pelosi has blazed a trail for women. Even those that don’t agree with her politics have to see that she has accomplished things few women ever have.

Sadly, she’s paying a price for that. So is her family.

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