It’s remarkable what a little time off can do for the soul. It’s remarkable that just being away from your normal place can change your attitude.

I’ve experienced both in the last week. I’m coming home with a new perspective.

I haven’t written anything on this blog recently. Someone asked me why? My answer was that I didn’t have anything to say. I thought that to be true. I was wrong. I have plenty to say. I just got tired of saying it because I didn’t think I had anything new or important to write about.

I’m sitting on a plane heading back to Tampa. It’s been an interesting trip. I was in Paris. Paris, France, not Paris, Texas. (You know I’m from the one in Texas, right?) Then, a stopover in Chicago for my cousin Nan’s 80th birthday party. (I still call her Nancy. I always will. She’s from Paris too. The one in Texas.)

It’s been a whirlwind. Paris is beautiful. Just beautiful. I’m lucky that my husband, Enrique, believes it to be his happy place. Consequently, I get to go along for the ride. Paris is getting ready for the Olympics next year. It was interesting to watch how they are getting the city ready for the games. The venues. The fixing up. Notre Dame looks like its old self again. I don’t know about the inside, but the outside is resplendent.

World Cup Rugby was happening while we were there. Rugby fans are a unique breed. I wish you could have seen them playing and fighting in the street below our apartment. Tough folks. I was glad to be looking down on it.

I loved being able to walk outside the apartment to a little cafe and have breakfast every morning. Crepes, croissants and eggs. What is it that the French do to their scrambled eggs? I think it has something to do with the butter and cream in them.

Chicago was great too. Nancy’s birthday. More great food. I’m a little surprised I didn’t need a seatbelt extender on this flight.

Now, it’s back to reality. Whatever that is. I don’t think I know anymore. The weather. The politics. The anger.

Nancy said she heard someone refer to life on the planet as “the post normal world.” I think that’s it. We are living in post normal times.

I’m going to soon be reporting again on the post normalcy. I can complain about it all I want. The truth is I still enjoy it. Still enjoy writing about it.

I’m coming home with a new perspective on things. Post normal.

3 thoughts on “Post normal.”
  1. Oh our sweet Russell, oh how we’ve missed you. You have a way with words that speaks to my soul.
    I have felt a special connection with you for so many years of watching you on the news.
    Some people are surprised when they find out I watch Fox, and I explain that you, Laura, Charlie, Jen, Mariah, Dave, Tony, Walter, Kellie and Regina are the reason I watch a Fox channel.
    I’m sure you understand as you explained about the post normal world with all the anger and name calling.
    But seeing your smiling faces in the morning always starts my day right! Have a great day! ??

  2. You were missed in my morning coffee time…It’s not the same without you there. Welcome home!

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