I’m sitting at home watching the United States House of Representatives vote to remove the Speaker of the House. All I can think about is this: Is this why nothing gets done?

We just barely got through keeping the government open for a few more days and now this. Chaos.

As I write this, we are in the “S” last names. The vote is 192 to remove Kevin McCarthy. 182 to let him keep his job. Apparently, this vote is Speaker McCarthy’s own doing. He conceded so many things to get this job that this is where he finds himself. Pretty much out of a job. Even if he survives this, what kind of power will he have?

It’s all politics. It always is. The Democrats are standing on the sidelines and letting this happen. The Republicans are splitting apart.

And there it is. The vote to remove Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is 216 in favor. 210 against. The office of Speaker of the House of the United States of America has been vacated. The first time in our history.

Now what? They elect a new speaker. This ought to be fun. It took fifteen rounds of voting to get Kevin McCarthy elected speaker. How many will it take to get the next one?

Will McCarthy try again. Will Florida’s Matt Gaetz toss his hat in? He just said he doesn’t want it. He started this, by the way.

Who really lost here? We did. The American people. Government is at a standstill.

This is why nothing gets done.

One thought on “Is this why nothing gets done?”
  1. Well stated. We all pay the price. And a good argument for why there needs to be a Constitutional Amendment to establish term limits for Congress. Thank you.

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