Empty Easter Church Coronavirus

So, here we sit. It’s Easter weekend. The world is stuck inside.

When I was a kid in Paris, Texas, Easter was a big deal. Not just the religious part but the holiday, itself. I mean, weeks before, my mom would take me two hours to Dallas to find the perfect Easter outfit.

To this day, I’m still amazed by this.

Easter morning was an event, too. Before church, at the First Baptist Church, we had an Easter egg hunt.My dad would get up early and hide the eggs. One of those horrible tasting hollow milk chocolate bunnies was always around, too.

Back then, I didn’t think they tasted that bad. Now, I have a far more sophisticated palate.

After church, we got out of our good “church clothes” for the big dinner with relatives. We always had ham, fried chicken, yeast rolls and banana pudding. Now, we do brunch at a restaurant.

Well, until this year.

This year, Easter services will be online. Some getting creative with drive up church. No one actually going “in” to a church. Well, some places say they will have real “in church” services. Shame on them.

We are watching church services online this year. Just one more way our lives have been changed by Coronavirus. Easter Sunday.

I remember hearing a pastor say that this day is a church’s Super Bowl. I mean, being born to a virgin is one thing, but coming back from the dead??!! Anyway, the Super Bowl means big money. Easter Sunday usually does too. The collection plate is full. You have to wonder if that’s the case this year? There’s a Reuters piece: “Empty Pews, Empty Collection Baskets: Coronavirus Hits U.S. Church Finances,”  which talks about some churches not surviving this financially.

It’s no secret that church attendance has been falling recently. Now, Coronavirus. Another example of what life might be like when this is over.

I am missing tradition this year. A new outfit would be nice. Nah, dressing up for online church seems weird. As for lunch… not brunch… my Easter dinner arrived from Publix earlier. Ham, fried chicken, yeast rolls and banana pudding. Just like the old days. I’m even wishing for one of those hollowed out milk chocolate bunnies.

2 thoughts on “In my Easter bonnet with no place to go.”
  1. Happy Easter, Russell. I’m missing traditional southern Easter with my mom too. We’re vegetarian now, my whole family. But I REALLY, REALLY want a ham and all the Easter fix’ins. 🙂

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