Corona Pandemic Buying Oreos

My Oreo consumption right now is off the charts.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic started, I have eaten package after package. In bad times, Oreos are my go-to comfort food. When I stock up for a coming hurricane, I always buy Oreos. I buy them, and I eat them. I eat a lot of them.

It’s not just me either.

Bloomberg reports that consumers are buying up things like Kraft Mac and Cheese and Spam. The article “Americans Drop Kale and Quinoa to Lock Down with Chips and Oreos” talks about the spike in comfort food sales. It seems we care less about eating healthy and more about getting through today.

Popcorn sales are up. Meat sales are up. Potato sales are up. Potatoes? Yes, potatoes. Why? They are cheap. They last forever. They taste really good too. Bring on the carbs!

USA Today says being cooped up has changed our habits. Breakfast is back. I was an intermittent faster before this started—not anymore. I’m eating ’round the clock.  Cereal sales are through the roof. General Mills says people are eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix and Lucky Charms like crazy.  Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and Pop Tarts are selling well.

Campbell’s Goldfish crackers sales are up twenty three percent from a year ago.  Cheez-It sales are up, too.  The experts say this all has to do with stable shelf life.  None of these foods will go bad quickly.  I suggest otherwise.  We want to eat what makes us feel good right now.

What else is selling well? Milk. Good ol’ cows milk.

Bloomberg says sales were up thirty-two percent from the same period a year ago. I know why. It’s all those Oreos we are eating. Are you gonna dip ’em in almond or oat milk? That would be a travesty! A glass of Elsie the Cow’s cold milk and a sleeve or two of Oreos. I can get through anything after that. Except maybe the front door.

After this is all over with, I’ll deal with the weight gain. Not sure I’ll ever eat kale again, though. Doesn’t go with Oreos.

One thought on “Forget the kale, I want Oreos!”
  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. It put a smile on my face during these challenging times. We can totally relate to eating comfort food while sheltering at home. It seems that whatever is easily accessible gets eaten in mass quantities without a thought as to the health ramifications ? especially as we rush back to the Netflix episode or on demand movie we are watching potentially for the second or third time lol. It will be very interesting to see how much of our changed behavior sticks after this pandemic subsides after we return to some sense of normalcy. I speculate that much of the pent up demand for dining out and socializing will initially explode out of the gates once we are permitted to return to the civilization we left pre-coronavirus and then level off over time. We will however not under-appreciate that moment and cherish the opportunity to socialize even if it is at a six foot or greater distance. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and we look forward to reading your next post.

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