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Vaccination disparity. The New York Times has a story about where you live may have something to do with how easy you can get your Covid vaccine.

It turns out that just 5% of those living in a Brooklyn neighborhood have received their vaccines. Compare that to some areas of the Upper West Side of Manhattan where the vaccination rate is four times higher.

It appears wealthy New York City neighborhoods are getting vaccinated faster than poorer ones. It’s not just New York City, either. Locally in Manatee County, there is a vaccination controversy brewing.

My TV station, Fox 13, is reporting that some vaccines became available to Manatee County. The doses ended up going to the upscale area of Lakewood Ranch. Needless to say, other parts of town were understandably upset.

I get it. We all want the vaccine. Well, most of us. For it to work, we all have to have access to it. The experts say that even the mutations of the virus will get choked out when we all get vaccinated. But… we all have to have access to it.

That access is on hold in a lot of places. This terrible weather has caused delay of the vaccine. Even in balmy Florida, some deliveries are in jeopardy.

So, when might all of this be over? We got an indication of things from President Biden. On a CNN town hall, the President took a hard line on vaccinations.

He said, “By the end of July, we’ll have over 600 million doses, enough to vaccinate every single American.”

President Biden also said that he thinks things could be back to normal in America by Christmas. Remember when this all started? A year ago? We thought it would be done by last summer. Now, when I hear Christmas, I get optimistic. That soon? How my expectations have changed.

What will normal look like? Probably a lot of what we used to do pre-pandemic will not happen again. A new poll from SWNS Digital has some interesting findings.

73% think we will continue social distancing. 21% believe buffet style restaurants will go away. A One Poll survey found that four in 10 will be comfortable refusing a hug.

And this. Stunning. Most think we will never share another person’s lip balm. We did that before??!! Apparently, we did. A few of my friends have told me they had no problem with it. At least from a friend.

Okay, I don’t have anyone in my life with who would share my Burt’s Bees. Pre, during, or post-Covid. My Kiehl’s is mine and mine alone. And don’t even look at my Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm! Mine!

Ummm… confession. I have a lip balm issue. I loooove lip balm. I’m reaching for it right now. If I forget it, I have to stop and buy some.

Well, this blog took an interesting turn.

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