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I start the week thinking about the last year we have lived through. The news over the weekend was that we have now lost a half million people to the Coronavirus. 500,000 people.

It’s hard to think on those terms. The Washington Post tries to explain it visually by comparing how many people that is. It’s like losing the entire population of Atlanta. It really is a staggering number. A number that we could have never imagined a year ago.

A half million people. That’s more than the number of Americans killed in World War One, World War Two and Vietnam combined.

Finally though, there is belief that things are improving. Cases are declining. Hospitalizations are down. Vaccinations are gaining speed.

On a personal note, my mother-in-law got her second shot on Sunday. Everything went smoothly. I have to admit, though, I have a little bit of “vaccine envy” going on. So many people around me have received the vaccine. I can’t wait to get mine.

It looks like that will be happening sooner than later.

Dr. Fauci made the rounds on all the Sunday shows. He said he’s pleased at the rate of vaccinations. On Meet the Press, Dr. Fauci said he believes the vaccine delivery delays from last week’s bad weather will be quickly remedied.

“We can play pretty good catch up,” he said.

Dr. Fauci also says we could see significant normalcy by Fall. But he also says we could still be wearing masks a year from now.

Again, it’s hard to grasp that this was all starting just one year ago. So much has happened. So much still needs to be done. As for time, it either stands still or passes too quickly. I can’t tell anymore.

What’s getting us through? Our pets. The pet care company, Kinship Partners, says 71% of people they surveyed believe they would not have survived without their pets; 82% say they plan on spoiling their pet; 62% say their pet’s happiness is a top priority.

Let me say this. I agree on all of the above. My dogs Coco and Josephine got me through all of last year. I spoiled them before. I will continue to do so. And yes, their happiness is all I care about.

I’ve been trained very well. Such a good boy!

One thought on “On My Radar… A Year Later”
  1. Thank you so very much for your Blogs Russell, I really enjoy them. As a Stage IV Cancer Patient, I have been a literal prisoner of my house for almost a year, March 25th, will be a full year. Other than going to Moffitt Cancer Center for appointments/Treatments and to one other doctor outside Moffitt once, which I panicked going to, as it wasn’t as secure as Moffitt, I have not going anywhere else in Public. My hubby and I have gone on some long drives and occasionally stopped for a bit of outside as long as there wasn’t a sole in sight. I feel like one of our dogs at times, and he’s taking me for a drive, LOL. I have been lucky to work from home this entire time as I still work. I feel that yes, I am in StageIV Cancer but working gives me a sense of some normalcy in my life, and until I get too sick to work, I am going to keep doing so. They gave me a “shelf life” of 3-5 when I started this journey and I just surpassed year 6 In December, and I believe attitude and trying to keep things as normal as you can most definitely helps, plus Moffitt is the most Amazing Cancer Center and those folks have found treatments that have let me have an extended life. As you noted doggies certainly are a part of your life, and they are most Definitely a part of mine. I do not know what i would do without my babies. They cuddle me when I am feeling sick, they cuddle me when I am happy, and they are just the Joy in my life, after my most amazing Husband. I will be getting my second shot at Moffitt Tomorrow, because although I am not 65, I was eligible due to the Staging of my Cancer. Not all patients were eligible, I just happened to be one of them though. I will have to wait for 4 weeks after taking it to go out, instead of the recommended 2 weeks, as they want to make sure that things are fully entrenched due to my poor immunity system. So, it will be literally One whole year of captivity until I am released. Even after that I will still have restrictions such as not going out into crowds, like bars, or crowded events. They prefer I hit the grocery stores early in the morning so that there are not a lot of folks in the store, etc. However, just to go out to Publix is something I am looks SO forward to, pretty sad you are longing to go to a grocery store. They said to remember the shot is not 100%, so that masks and that means my full KN95 mask that fits inside my cloth mask is a Must at all times. However, I am not fully to go back into an office either, not yet, they asked to wait until the Summer and more folks have been vaccinated, especially folks in my offices, before I venture back out. I am just so looking forward to Freedom in March. just to “roam about the country” as they say, without having to worry constantly that I would get exposed to COVID and come down with it. Hugs to you and your family, and I am so very happy your Mother In Law has gotten her shot as I am sure she feels the same way as I do, that this will allow us to get back out into the world again. Thank you for your blogs, they are so terrific.

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