Covid cases are surging again.

Florida is one of the states seeing the worst of it. The White House blames social media for misinformation about the virus and vaccines. Mask mandates are back in place in Los Angeles County.

Here we are. A year and a half after the pandemic started and it feels like we are headed back to the beginning.

The virus has done exactly what it was expected to do. It mutated to help itself survive. The question now is if vaccines are enough to stop the delta variant.

What happens now?

The Washington Post has a piece on staying safe as Covid cases from the variant are on the rise.

The biggest takeaway… get vaccinated. Rochelle Walensky from the CDC says that more than 97 percent of new hospitalizations from the delta variant are from people who are unvaccinated. She calls it “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Then, the White House and social media. Fox News reports that President Biden has amped up his rhetoric against Facebook for not doing enough to crackdown on vaccine misinformation: “They’re killing people,” Biden says. “The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated, and they’re killing people.”

Facebook fired back. In a blog post, the social media giant asked the president to stop finger pointing. Says Facebook’s Guy Rosen, “The fact is that vaccine acceptance among Facebook users in the U.S. has increased.”

Finally, it’s back to masks. It makes you wonder have we lifted restrictions too soon? Los Angeles County is once again mandating face masks in public areas.

It’s not over. Not yet. I’m vaccinated. I hope I stay well. Will I go back to wearing a mask? Absolutely. I keep one on my pocket at all times and a stash of them in my car.

I hoped I wouldn’t have to write about this anymore. I was wrong.

Someday, this will be over with. Not yet, not just yet.

2 thoughts on “Didn’t Think I Would Have to Write About This Again…”
  1. Russell it REALLY disturbs me that you say you would return to wearing a MASK, that is probably the main cause of people not getting the shot!!!! If you and others don’t say I don’t need a mask because I have been protected by the shot why would they get it????!!!

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