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I feel like for as fast as it came, it’s leaving us a lot faster.

I’m talking, of course, about the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s still here. I see places like Malaysia and India and wonder just how many people will not survive this?

In the United States, however, I’m stunned at how fast things are returning to normal.

It all hinges, it seems, on the phrase “fully vaccinated.” I am, and most people I know are. Masks are off.

Let’s get back to business.

There is an hilarious piece in the Washington Post. “30 observations from my first vaccinated flight.” Natalie Compton writes about her trip home. She, like all of the rest of us, forgot how to travel.

The TSA agent tells her to have a good flight. She responds, “You, too.”

Compton also writes about the complications of finding her seat on the plane, especially with those wearing and not wearing masks.

“Across the aisle, another guy is sleeping with his baseball cap tipped down over the top half of his face, mask over the bottom half. Honestly this is a brilliant move. In addition to the coronavirus considerations, no one can see you drooling.”

It’s a funny piece. Read it if you can.

I’m flying in a few weeks. I wonder if I remember how to travel? I’m relearning a lot of things these days.

Greetings. Do I handshake? Hug? Namaste bow? (With my new pacemaker and sore shoulder, I’m liking less person-to-person contact right now.)

Masks are a confusing thing lately. I was in the grocery store and was struck by the couple in front of me in the checkout line. She was wearing a mask. He wasn’t.

That seems to be the situation right now. Confusion on where to wear them. I feel like this is going to work itself out in the coming weeks.

Like I said, it feels like it’s coming to an end. Sure hope so.

A lot of you have sent kind notes and asked how I am doing? I’m much better, thank you. I see the doctor today to find out how my new pacemaker is firing. Based on how I feel, it’s working just fine. Honestly, I had no idea how badly I felt until I felt better.

Just checked. 70 beats per minute. I’ll take it… with much gratitude.

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