Ross Perot politics

We lost a great one yesterday. Ross Perot.

Whatever you thought of his politics, you had to admire him. I mean, from nothing to something. Self made billionaire. Just his business success was an accomplishment. His patriotism was legendary.

Then, he took on the establishment. Ran for President. Twice. “That giant sucking sound” is the quote he will perhaps be most remembered for. The reference was to jobs being taken away from the US and going to Mexico because of NAFTA. You can make the argument that because of Ross Perot, Bill Clinton was elected President and George Bush lost. Maybe “that giant sucking sound” was voters leaving the Republican Party and voting for Ross Perot.

You can also make the argument, I think, that Ross Perot paved the way for Donald Trump. Both businessmen that became politicians. Both tapping into a sentiment in this country from many people that things need to change. Ross Perot almost got there. Donald Trump did.

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